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Anti-pollution Cleansing Jelly

Anti-pollution Cleansing Jelly

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Eliminates 99% of pollution particles - Effectively removes makeup - Deeply cleanses the skin - Soothes and calms the skin - Moisturizes and nourishes - Protects the skin against environmental damage - Can be used morning and evening - Easy to use - Leaves on clean, fresh and radiant skin
Triple action pre-treatment for face and eyes

This uniquely formulated gelled oil offers the skin a complete and express cleansing action. It perfectly removes make-up, even waterproof, and frees the skin from pollution particles that dull and asphyxiate it. Its 3-step scalable galenic captures and eliminates pollutants accumulated throughout the day to revive the complexion's radiance. Jelly on application, it transforms into a melting oil to dissociate impurities from the skin, then on contact with water, it transforms into a light milk to free it from all traces of make-up, oil and pollution. . De-stressed, the skin breathes to reveal a fresh and luminous complexion. Vegan Formulation

Suitable for: All skin types


Store: NICETYfem
  1. It effectively removes makeup, even long-lasting or waterproof makeup.
  2. It deeply cleanses the skin by eliminating impurities, excess sebum and traces of pollution.
  3. It soothes and calms the skin thanks to its soft and natural formula.
  4. It deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin for soft and supple skin.
  5. It protects the skin against environmental damage such as pollution and free radicals.
  6. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  7. It can be used morning and evening for a complete skincare routine.
  8. It's easy to use and doesn't require rinsing, making it convenient for everyday use or on the go.
  9. It leaves the skin clean, fresh and radiant with health.
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