Collection: Sensitive range

Phyt's sensitive skin range offers a gentle and soothing solution for delicate and reactive skin, helping it to regain balance, comfort and protection.

Our sensitive skin products are formulated with certified natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected for their mildness and ability to soothe skin irritations. They are specially designed to respect the sensitivity of your skin while providing effective care.

Our sensitive skin range includes a variety of products to suit all the specific needs of sensitive skin, from gentle cleansers to soothing moisturisers. Each product is formulated to calm redness, reduce feelings of discomfort and strengthen the skin's protective barrier.

In addition to their soothing action, our products for sensitive skin deeply hydrate and nourish, helping to restore the moisture balance and strengthen the skin's resistance to external aggressions. They are free from irritating ingredients such as artificial fragrances, synthetic colors and harsh preservatives.

Phyt's sensitive skin range is kind to your skin and the environment. Our natural formulations keep your skin healthy without using harsh or potentially irritating ingredients. In addition, our products are certified organic, which guarantees their quality and purity.

Discover the comfort and protection of Phyt's sensitive skin range. Give your sensitive skin the delicate care it needs, offering the benefits of natural ingredients. Take care of your skin in a gentle, respectful and sustainable way, in harmony with the beauty of nature.