Collection: Purifying and mattifying range

Phyt's purifying and mattifying range offers a complete solution to eliminate impurities, regulate excess sebum and mattify your skin, for a fresher and more balanced complexion.

Our purifying and mattifying products are formulated with certified natural and organic ingredients, selected for their purifying, regulating and soothing properties. They help to deeply clean the pores, eliminate impurities and excess sebum, while preserving the natural balance of the skin.

Our purifying and mattifying range includes a variety of products suitable for all skin types, from combination skin to oily and blemish-prone skin. Whether you're looking for a purifying cleanser, an astringent toner or a mattifying cream, our products offer an effective solution to prevent unwanted shine and reduce blemishes.

In addition to their purifying action, our products help regulate sebum production, tighten pores and prevent the formation of new imperfections. They also help soothe irritation and calm redness, for calmer and more balanced skin.

Phyt's purifying and mattifying range is respectful of your skin and the environment. Our natural formulations keep your skin healthy without using harsh or irritating ingredients. In addition, our products are certified organic, which guarantees their quality and purity.

Give your skin the purifying and mattifying care it needs with Phyt's purifying and mattifying range. Discover the power of natural ingredients for clearer, more balanced and fresher skin. Take care of your skin in a natural and sustainable way, in harmony with the beauty of nature.