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Soothing cream

Soothing cream

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Relieves skin discomfort - Moisturizes the skin - Reduces redness - Reduces itching - Protects the skin - Promotes skin healing - Improves skin texture - Reduces the appearance of fine lines - Suitable for all skin types - Improves relaxation and well-being
Soothing care.

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, the certified organic Phyt's Soothing Cream reduces feelings of discomfort and burning while reducing skin reactivity. Redness is reduced, the skin is soothed and lastingly comforted. No added fragrance.

Vegan Formulation
Suitable for: Sensitive skin

Store: NICETYfem

  1. RELIEVES SKIN DISCOMFORT: Soothing Cream is formulated to help calm and soothe skin that is irritated, dry, or prone to redness and itching.

  2. Moisturizes the skin: Most soothing creams are formulated with moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter, or glycerin, to help hydrate the skin and maintain its elasticity.

  3. Reduces redness: Soothing creams can help reduce redness by calming skin irritations, helping to strengthen the skin barrier and improving blood circulation.

  4. Reduces itching: Soothing creams can help relieve itching caused by skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or contact dermatitis.

  5. Protects the skin: Soothing creams can help strengthen the skin barrier to protect the skin against environmental factors such as wind, cold and pollution.

  6. Promotes skin healing: Soothing creams can help speed up the healing process of the skin, by helping to repair damaged skin cells.

  7. Improves skin texture: Soothing creams can help improve skin texture by deeply hydrating and nourishing it.

  8. Reduces the appearance of fine lines: Soothing creams can help reduce the appearance of fine lines by hydrating the skin and improving its texture.

  9. Suitable for all skin types: Soothing creams are generally mild and can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  10. Improves relaxation and well-being: Soothing creams can help reduce stress and tension, and improve relaxation and overall well-being due to their soothing ingredients and sweet scent.

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