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What are fingernails for?

Nails are an important part of the human body, which are often overlooked, but actually have many important functions. Although they may seem merely decorative or utilitarian for scratching and pinching, nails actually have a crucial role to play in the protection and functionality of our fingers and toes.

The primary function of the nails is to protect the tips of the fingers and toes from trauma and injury. Nails are formed from cells of the stratum corneum of the skin, which are gradually replaced by hard, keratinized cells. This tough, strong protective layer acts as a natural barrier against injury and infection, protecting fingers and toes from damage.

In addition to their protective role, fingernails also have an important tactile function. The tips of the fingers and toes are very sensitive and rich in nerve endings. Fingernails help amplify this sensitivity by forming a harder, more solid surface on the fingertips, which allows sensory receptors to detect variations in texture, temperature, and pressure more accurately.

Nails also have a grasping function, which means that they help to grasp and hold objects. Fingernails and toenails provide a better grip and grip on objects, which is important for many daily activities, such as writing, typing, grabbing objects, or climbing.

Finally, fingernails can also reveal important information about our health. For example, pale or yellow nails can be a sign of iron deficiency or blood circulation problems, while brittle or discolored nails can indicate vitamin deficiency or fungal infections. Healthcare professionals can use nail exams to detect hidden health issues or to monitor a person's overall health.

In conclusion, nails have an important and versatile function in our body, ranging from protection and sensitivity to gripping and signaling health problems. It is therefore important to take care of our nails by cutting them regularly, cleaning them and avoiding biting or damaging them, in order to maintain their functionality and healthy appearance.

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